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6 Italian White Wines That Are Hugely Underrated

Theres an amazing abundance of extraordinary Italian white wines out there that can rock your world as well as quench your thirst. Sadly, most are shamefully undervalued or completely overlooked. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Started at Moscato, Now We Here... (cue the melody)

What if a stereotype shamed you when you began exploring wine--and every time after that Lets learn how wine culture can be more welcoming. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Stemmy Wines? Let's Talk Whole Cluster Fermentation!

We hear about whole cluster fermentation more and more each year. Perhaps youve also heard how wines sometimes taste stemmy. So, whats the benefit Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Put Down The White Claw, Try One Of These Canned Wines

Looking for the perfect summer wine Grab a can. Were exploring some of our go-to canned wines and why they make the perfect beach bag and camping pack accessory. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Hot Wines, Hot Wings: Pairing Wine and Wings

Uncorking a beautiful bottle of wine to eat with hot wings isnt exactly a common mental image. But believe it or not, pairing wine and wings is easier and tastier than youd expect! Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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50 of the Most Eye-Rolling Wine Snob Moments

Here are 50 of the most aggravating, insane, and hilarious wine snob moments we could find. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Wine And Chinese Food: 7 Delicious Pairings

Pairing wine and Chinese food might not seem the most obvious choice in the world, but the right choices can push your takeout above and beyond! Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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