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Light Strike: Why Wine and Sunlight Don't Mix

Unless you want its fruity and floral aromas to become those of cooked cabbage, wet cardboard and wet dog, make sure your wine and sunlight stay far away from each other. Keep reading for more on this and what else you can do to protect your wine. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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What Makes a Good Wine Cellar? Some Organizational Tips

Ready to organize your wine collection, but not sure where to begin Here are tips on wine storage and how to organize your wine cellar or cooler. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Getting Started With The Wines of France (Video)

Get confident with the wines of France in this introductory seminar. Youll learn about the 11 major regions and the best wines to explore. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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6 Easy Wine Dinners From Basic Kitchen Staples

Looking for something easy with elegance Here are 6 wine dinners for the times when your wine cooler is full, but your fridge is empty. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Celebrate National Red Wine Day With Some of Our Favorites

August 28th is National Red Wine Day! For inspiration, here are some of our favorite red wine varieties you must try. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Serious About Champagne? Here's How To Taste It

Ever wonder how a wine professional assesses Champagne Madeline walks through a wine tasting with a bottle of vintage Champagne from a notable producer. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Wine Antioxidants: A Greater Perspective

Wine antioxidants: we keep hearing about how good for us they are. But what are they, and why should we even care about them Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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