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Veuve Clicquot and Champagne's Leading Lady, Barbe-Nicole

This is the story of the Madame Clicquot Ponsardin and her vision for her brand, Veuve Clicquot. Her determination changed the face of Champagne. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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22 Wine Movies You Don't Want To Miss

Whether theyre beautifully shot stories or documentaries unveiling wines mysteries, wine movies are a brilliant way to learn and appreciate the world of the oenophile. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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The Perfect Pairings for Wine with Salad

Curious on how to pair your favorite salads with wine Look no further: heres a peek into some fun pairings for the I dont feel like cooking, lets have a salad nights. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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8 Cheap Wines That Absolutely Do Not Suck!

Whether youre seeking something light and bright or big and bold, here are some go-to inexpensive wines that will satisfy casual drinkers and aficionados alike. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Wine Sommelier Levels and What They Mean

Taking your wine education to the next level Know where to start. Heres a breakdown of wine sommelier levels and what they really mean. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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10 Awesome Wine & Binge Worthy TV Pairings For Lazy Weekends

What wines go best with those lazy days spent binging TV Lets have a look at some of our favorites, throw the seriousness to the curb, and try a pairing whose time has come: wine and TV! Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Why Old Vine Wines Are So Special

What is it about old vine wines thats so special Lets explore some of the theories about old vineyards and why theyre increasingly rare. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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