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Malbec News:

Larkmead: Polishing a Rustic Diamond (Wine Spectator)

Senior editor James Molesworth will become Wine Spectators lead taster for California Cabernet Sauvignon at the end of this year. He recently returned to Napa Valley for more visits with top wineries. And dont miss our Q&A with James on his Napa Cab eureka moments, his scoring philosophy, and what hes up to when hes not tasting wine.When it comes to Napa Valleys diamonds, most folks arefamiliar with Diamond Creek, the venerable winery founded by Al Brounstein. Knownfor its three distinct soi...

The Millennial Wine Smell Test: Non-Conforming Beverages (Wine Spectator)

We Millennials are difficult to pin down. Do we even care if such-and-such wine is a Cabernet or a Pinot Marketing types are regularly seeking to woo the youths into consuming their products, and Ive also been contemplating this matter. One thing is sure: Theres a sense of individuality and you-do-you-ism to this generation that has carried over to alcoholic beverages.The recent move toward drink crossovers, or hybrids, is only natural, as people just love to create something new and exciting fr...

A Sneak Preview of Germany’s Best New Dry Wines (Wine Spectator)

Each August, Germany’s VDP, an association of some 200 leading wine estates around the country, hosts a preview tasting of their new-release Grosses Gewächs (GGs)—the dry wines from what they have deemed to be their top-tier vineyards. With expectations mixed for the 2017 vintage, I attended to get an early overview of what would soon be coming up in my blind tastings.The three-day event in Wiesbaden presented 424 wines spanning five vintages, 2013 through 2017. I tasted nearly 350.Unsurprisingl...

Robert Drouhin to Sell Collection of Rare Domaine de La Romanée-Conti Wines (Wine Spectator)

An extraordinarily rarecollection of wines will be hitting the auction block at Sothebys next week. Thewines come from Burgundys Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, arguably the mosthighly sought wine label in the world. The bottles, from vintages spanning 1937to 1964, come mostly from DRCs three most coveted vineyard holdings: La Tâche,Richebourg and Romanée-Conti. And the provenance is impeccable: For the pasthalf-century or more, the wines have been resting in the personal cellar ofRobert Drouhin, w...

Mont Ventoux's New-Wave Peasant Winemaker (Wine Spectator)

Sébastien Vincenti often jokes that he is the first paysan in his family.His road to becoming a “peasant” or farmer began in 1991, when he was starting business studies at the University of Montpelier and his mother’s midlife crisis overtook his plans for a white-collar life in the south of France.At the time, his father was an attorney in the Provence town of Carpentras. His mother, Nanou Barthélemy, was a successful biologist with her own blood-testing lab.“She said, ‘I am sick of working in a...

Bad Wine Health News: You're Going to Die … Someday (Wine Spectator)

They say you live longer if you dont drink. Its not true. It just feels longer. Michael Jackson (the late beer and whisky expert, not the King of Pop) once told me that, and its wisdom I have always taken to heart. Lately, the idea that a daily drink is good for you is under increasing challenge. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a report calling for governments to collectively crack down on drinking, citing the more than 3 million alcohol-related deaths in 2016. Last month,...

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