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Malbec News:

Is Oregon Wine Afraid of Meiomi-zation? (Wine Spectator)

As a result of his unlawful acts,Joe Wagner will no longer be able to sell his wine in Oregon. I am asking thefederal government to do the same and stop Wagner from selling Elouan wine inthe other 49 states. A ban on Joe Wagners wines—in Oregon or nationwide—hasntcome to pass, but its what Oregon state representative David Gomberg, whosedistrict includes the Willamette Valley, is pushing for.Gomberg was trumpeting, in a pressrelease, a recent recommendation by Oregon Liquor Control Commission (O...

A Celebration of Natural Wine (Wine Spectator)

In November, the Raw Wine fair, showcasing more than 140 producers from 15 countries, made stops in Montreal, Los Angeles and New York. I have attended the event for three consecutive years and have witnessed its growing attendance and improving quality in the selection of growers.Raw Wine was founded in 2012 by wine consultant and writer Isabelle Legeron, France’s first female Master of Wine. The fair showcases small, independent winegrowers who farm organically and biodynamically. They cluster...

2018 Rhône Wine Harvest: Hot Summer, Happy Vintners (Wine Spectator)

While the 2018 growing seasonin Frances Rhône Valley had some travails, vintners are happy with thequality of the harvest. Early reports indicate that both the Northern and Southern Rhônes recent hot streak of vintages that started with 2015 will continue, though yields in the south are significantly down.The season started wellenough, with a mild spring following a wet winter. That gave us the opportunity to build back the soils waterreserve, says Michel Chapoutier, the Tain-based vigneron and ...

10 Things That Might Surprise You About Prohibition (Wine Spectator)

Its hard to imagine that once there was a time when you couldnt enjoy your favorite tipple (well, legally, at least). Today is Repeal Day, marking the 85th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, a nearly-14-year federal ban on booze that seemed like a good idea to some people at the time but ended up causing quite the mess. Since the Noble Experiment concluded, the U.S. wine industry has been rebuilt to the flourishing state its in now, and the rest is history—although there are lasting effec...

Terroir Is in the Air on Italy's Amalfi Coast (Wine Spectator)

The dramatic beauty of Italy’s Amalfi coast can leave people speechless.So perhaps it’s natural that a leading producer of Amalfi coast wines has difficulty speaking about them.“I don’t know how to talk about wine,” demurs veteran winemaker Marisa Cuomo, 55, speckled with must from a day working in her winery. “I only know how to make wine.”But if most pictures are worth a thousand words, the panorama directly out the door of Cantine Marisa Cuomo counts for a million.In sparsely populated Furore...

Jackson Family's Mountain Man Winemaker (Wine Spectator)

Senior editor James Molesworth is Wine Spectators new lead taster for California Cabernet Sauvignon. He recently returned to Napa Valley for more visits with top wineries. And dont miss our Q&A with James on his Napa Cab eureka moments, his scoring philosophy, and what hes up to when hes not tasting wine.Jackson Family Wines is known for its large-volume wine brandsfrom California and beyond, none more than Kendall-Jackson. But theres a coterie of small-production, highly focusedwines beneat...

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