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2018 Bordeaux Wine Futures Prices and Analysis (Wine Spectator)

The starting gun for the 2018 Bordeaux futures campaign officially sounded last week with the release of Chteau Anglus, one of St.-Emilions most recognizable names. With the VinExpo convention in Bordeaux arriving earlier this year, and the crystal ball on market perception on the wines looking slightly murky, producers are likely to try and strike fast. But as always, trying to predict the mindset of Bordeaux when it comes to prices is anyones guess. So is trying to predict how consumers will...

Dangerous Spring Frost Hits Burgundy (Wine Spectator)

The aerial photos look pretty, but there was nothing pleasurable for Burgundy vintners during the long nights of April 4 and 5 and again over the weekend of April 13 as they banded together to fight a potentially damaging spring frost. In some vineyards, countermeasures or good luck prevented extensive harm. In others, young tender buds were badly damaged.In Chablis, four nights of temperatures as low as 23 F from April 1114 caused vintners to send teams into the vineyards, lighting smudge pots...

Restaurant Talk: At College Restaurants, Students Run the Show (Wine Spectator)

Class is in sessionuntil midnight. That might sound like drudgery, but its all part of the lesson plan for hospitality students eager to gain experience in real restaurant settingsthe elite somms and ace chefs of the next generation. At many universities, the future tastemakers enrolled in hospitality and culinary programs dont even need to leave campus to get this experience. Situated among lecture rooms, dorms and dining halls are a handful of Wine Spectator Restaurant Award winners, where t...

Bordeaux Vintners Excited About 2018 Wines, Uncertain About Futures Campaign (Wine Spectator)

Bordeaux could be excused for feeling smug in the wake of the annual barrel tastings introducing the 2018 vintage, the worlds first chance to taste the wines before futures go on sale. Early reports compare the wines to recent excellent vintages.Wine Spectators lead taster for Bordeaux, James Molesworth, has spent two weeks in the region, meeting producers to discuss the vintages character and quality, and conducting blind tastings of more than 280 barrel samples. The wines show great promise.Wi...

Earth Day in a Big Way: Wastewater Worms, 21 Million Trees and Cabernet All Day (Wine Spectator)

Wine country has a knack for turning every occasion into a party, but with the world of wine going all-in on green practices, Earth Day is shaping up to be especially epic. The annual celebration of the environment falls on a Monday this yearApril 22but wineries in California are making a weekend of it, if not a week, month, or just an everyday jam going forward in recognition that this whole environment thing is pretty worth taking good care of, if youre a grapegrower/human! We dont just thi...

After the Notre-Dame Fire, Wine Industry Rushes to Help (Wine Spectator)

Updated April 22Franois-Henri Pinault said it felt like a blow to the gut; his teenage daughter had cried and his 82-year-old father mourned. The owner of Groupe Artmis and scion of one of Frances wealthiest families was speaking to a Europe 1 reporter Tuesday following the shocking, extensive fire at Cathdrale Notre-Dame de Paris. We felt that it was an absolute obligation to rebuild this cathedral, Pinault said, announcing that his family would pledge 100 million ($113 million) toward the ...

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