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Louis Roederer Buys Sonoma's Merry Edwards Winery (Wine Spectator)

The Louis Roederer Champagne house has purchased Russian River Valley Pinot Noir specialist Merry Edwards Winery. The deal includes the brand and its inventory, as well as the winery and tasting room in Sebastopol and 79 acres spread over six vineyards. The sale price was not disclosed. The founders of the winery, Merry Edwards and her husband, Ken Coopersmith, will stay on temporarily during the transition period.Edwards is a Sonoma County wine pioneer and one of Californias first female winema...

You, Must: Spend the Night in a Wine-Barrel Hotel Room! (Wine Spectator)

Some of us love wine so much, we dream about swimming around in a barrel full of the stuff. And while that fantasy is highly unsanitary and probably a little dangerous (try a bathtub instead), certain wine-minded holiday-spot proprietors are offering an alternative thats just as immersive: wine-barrel hotel rooms. The travel trend has been popping up around the world: In the village of Cambres, in Portugals Douro Valley, Quinta da Pacheca winery added 10 giant wine barrels to its on-premises lod...

Wine & Design: Modern Living in a Medieval Villa (Wine Spectator)

When you live in the flatlands, you see the horizon, reflects Matteo Lunelli, president and CEO of Ferrari Trento winery and CEO of the Lunelli Group. He does not live in the flatlands, but among the high peaks of the northern Italian city of Trento, where the view is both stunning and disorienting: In the middle of the mountains, your horizon is completely changing and moving. Its a sensation that I personally lovefor me, thats my home.In 2003, Matteo, now 45, left a career at Goldman Sachs in...

Gianfranco Soldera, Dedicated and Outspoken Brunello Winemaker, Dies at 82 (Wine Spectator)

This story was updated Feb. 20Gianfranco Soldera, the outspoken winemaker and owner of Montalcinos Case Basse winery in Tuscany, died the morning of Feb. 16. According to Italian media reports, Soldera was driving on a road near Montalcino when he suffered a heart attack. Efforts to revive him at the scene were unsuccessful. He was 82.Born in Treviso, Soldera was working as a successful insurance broker in Milan in 1972 when he and his wife, Graziella, went looking for a wine estate. He found Ca...

Italian Authorities Uncover Counterfeit Tignanello Wine Scheme (Wine Spectator)

Italian authorities have arrested three suspects in a scheme to sell at least 11,000 counterfeit bottles of the legendary super Tuscan wine Antinori Toscana Tignanello in Italy, Germany and Belgium. First reported by Italian media, the arrests were confirmed to Wine Spectator by Alessia Antinori, vice president of Marchesi Antinori. She said the bottles were labeled as the 2009, 2010 and 2011 vintages of Tignanello but were filled with low-quality wine. The Parma Public Prosecutor and the health...

Very Good Dogs Sniff Out TCA Taint, Rescue Wine (Wine Spectator)

Cork taint is going to the dogsliterally. Chile-based cooperage TN Coopers has enlisted the help of our furry best friends to track down TCA, TBA (2,4,6-tribromoanisole) and other harmful compounds that make wine unpleasant or even undrinkable, and plans to bring its highly trained team of wet noses and wagging tails to the greater wine world. Dubbed the Natinga Project, the program was inspired by airport canine security units. The underlying principle is that dogs have a much wider olfactory ...

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