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Your Ros May Be Late this Year: Wine and the Government Shutdown (Wine Spectator)

Benovia winery in the Russian River Valley was planning to label and release its first Blanc de Noirs sparkling wine this spring, but the partial government shutdown has put those plans on hold. Due to the lapse in funding, the government agency responsible for approving Benovias wine labels, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), has shut its doors and suspended its approval process for new alcoholic beverages, leaving the winery in a bind. Until you have label approval they wont l...

8 & $20 Recipe: Chicken Thighs with Pan Sauce, Lemon and Kale (Wine Spectator)

Eight ingredients, plus pantry staples. Thats all it takes to make an entire meal from scratch. Add in a good bottle of wine for less than $20, and youve got a feast for family or friends.Searing meat or poultry adds appealing color and flavors, but it also creates something else: those oils and crispy bits at the bottom of the pan. Too often neglected, the juices and particles left behind after a sear are an excellent way to lend depth to a dish, thanks to the French technique of deglazing, or ...

Wine Talk: Country-Music Star Carly Pearce Doesn't Hide Her Love of Wine (Wine Spectator)

With chart-topping songs and a network of devoted fans across the United States, Carly Pearce, 28, is one of the leading ladies of country music right now. After nearly a decade of trying to make it in Nashville, the singer-songwriter notched a breakout hit in 2017 with her emotional ballad Every Little Thing, leading to a record deal, touring gigs with Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan, and an appearance in last years Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade. She followed her debut success with Hide the Wine, ...

It's Harvesttime for Wine in Tahiti?! (Wine Spectator)

In the Northern Hemisphere right about now, winemakers are trimming, pruning and frost-proofing their vines, and hibernating their selves; south of the equator, veraison and the pesky birds and bugs that come with it are here, or will be soon. But in one most unusual vineyard, the Carignan and Muscat grapes have reached peak ripeness, the pickers have pulled on their gloves and grabbed their shears, and the cellar hands have fired up their skiffs to transport the grape bins down the shore to the...

Ace Australian Wine Restaurants (Wine Spectator)

These Australian spots span the culinary spectrum, from classic Italian plates to creative preparations of kangaroo, but they share a common thread. Each holds a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award for a carefully curated wine list, and together they represent some of the countrys best collections. Discover 12 eateries Down Under with well-rounded wine lists that champion Australias renowned regions. All prices are listed here in U.S. dollars.To check out more wine-and-food destinations around the...

Restaurant Spotlight: 1919 Restaurant (Wine Spectator)

1919 Restaurant brings a classic fine-dining feel to a waterfront space on the coast of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Set in the luxurious Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, the dining room offers stunning sights of the ocean, but guests can also take in the view of a floor-to-ceiling glass cellar. Inside is some of the restaurants 1,495-bottle inventory that supplies the 330-selection wine list, overseen by director of food and beverage Danisael Walker. The well-balanced, Wine Spectator Award of Excellencewi...

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