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Mobile apps, direct-store-delivery solutions increase traceability, accuracy

Distributors rely on mobile apps and wireless direct-store-delivery (DSD) hardware and software solutions in order to provide the best customer service, ensure accuracy and boost efficiency....

BountyBev benefits from compact distribution operations

The modern beer market dynamic created the opportunity for small, boutique start-up distributors for which craft beer is their entire raison díetre....

Southern Glazerís, Ste. Michelle expand agreement

Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Miami and Dallas, announced that it has expanded distribution agreements in the Pacific Northwest with Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Woodinville, Wash. ...

Pernod Ricard, LOLIWARE create sustainable cocktail experience

To further complement its commitment to eliminate single-use, nonbiodegradable straws and stirrers from the beverage business, New York-based Pernod Ricard USA is collaborating with New York-based LOLIWARE and its co-founders Chelsea Briganti and Leigh Ann Tucker to reimagine the cocktail consumption experience through the use of the recently launched LOLISTRAW, a hypercompostable fully edible straw. ...

Ginger provides value-added benefits to beverages

The health-and-wellness movement and consumer demand for clean-label functional beverages is driving usage for the spicy, zesty taste of ginger in functional beverages...

SONIC releases Cookie Jar Shakes

SONIC’s Drive-In, Oklahoma City, is blending creamy ice cream and decadent cookies into one shake. Part of SONIC’s Summer Nights event, guests can purchase SONIC’s new Cookie Jar Shakes for half-price after 8 p.m. every night, the company says. ...

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