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6 Wine Glasses To Rule Them All

Matching glassware to your wine does improve the flavor! Here are the six main types of wine glasses and the wines to match with them. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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3 Wineries Break The Mold in Bordeaux

Several small vineyards are leading the charge by transforming the ways they produce, sell, and market their wines. Here are 3 wineries breaking the mold in Bordeaux. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Can Chambourcin Make Great Wine? (Video)

Hybrid wine grapes like Chambourcin are growing in popularity in areas with cold climates. Does this grape show fine wine potential Lets find out! Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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The Secret About Wine Vintages (Video)

Learn more about vintage variation and how weather plays a role in the taste of wine. Ironically, variation is the raison dÍtre of wine. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Wine Brackets: The Ultimate Wine Tasting Game

This is a DIY guide to setting up a March Madness-style wine bracket game for your friends, family, or wine club. Its the perfect opportunity to try new wines, test your blind tasting skills, and maybe even earn some bragging rights. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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Let's Explore Rosé Wine Methods (Video)

Rosé wine: its easy to drink but actually pretty hard to make! This video explores 2 popular rosé wine methods and what makes this style unique. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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4 Super Unique and Undervalued White Wines To Try

You wont find Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio on this list. Still, the following four white wine varieties are worth some serious praise. Wine Folly - Learn about wine. ...

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