Alexandre Sirech has produced some truly breakthrough wines that capture the magic of Bordeaux with a wonderful twist

The 'S' on the Sirech label is the initial of the wonderfully engaging winemaker Alexandre. Pronounced as 'See-raish', the name means cherry tree in Occitan, a language that was until the World War II the predominant language of Southern France.

Indeed Alexandre's grandparents continued to speak it in their home during their whole life. The language has virtually disappeared. Alexandre is Bordelais and lives with his English wife and their children in the countryside. His Cellars are located in Libourne overlooking the Dordogne River. Having spent many years working overseas (including managing a rum distillery in Havana Cuba!!) he returned to Bordeaux with broader ideas, still with a love of the classic terroir of his Bordeaux homeland. Indeed if anything he has revived traditions of the 18th century, but with impeccable style, the most up to date winemaking practices, and a contemporary twist. Back then it was quite common for Right Bank producers to blend Merlot with Syrah from the hill of Hermitage in the Rhone. Such blends were known as 'cuvees hermitagees'.

Alexandre now produces two of these stunning blends: 'Les Deux Terroirs' (The Two Soils), and in much more limited quantities, 'Les Grand Terroirs'. Perhaps 'Super Bordeaux' is the more appropriate contemporary term, in keeping with the very familiar terminology of 'Super Tuscan'.
'Les Grand Terroirs' is in fact a collaboration between Alexandre and the renowned St Emilion and Pomerol winemaker/grower, Jean-Philippe Janoueix. The pedigree of the fruit sources is naturally formidable.

There are two very special and distinctive white wines in the Sirech stable. 'Les Deux Terroir' White is a blend of Sauvignon, Gros Manseng and Colombard. 'Grand Soleil' (the big and beautiful sun!!) is a medium sweet white wine made entirely from Gros Manseng from a hillside vineyard in Gascony. Perhaps the greatest 'breakthrough' is the inaugural release of 'Le Bordeaux'. It is what it says it is, but arguably the most accessible, most delicious tasting, most beautifully presented and great value Bordeaux. Lush on the palate with wonderful texture, a wine that requires no knowledge of Bordeaux, just a love of beautiful wine at a great price. The fruit for 'Le Bordeaux' comes from a beautiful 100 hectare Estate on the Right Bank located between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. Classic Bordelais Terroir, but with both plateau and south-facing slopes. Welcome to the 'new world' of Bordeaux.

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