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Afternoon Brief, August 23

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Winemaker Crushed to Death by Wine Press Bernard Rouanet, owner of the Domaine Rouanet Montcélčbre vineyard, located next to the village of Cesseras in the Minervois region of the Languedoc, died last Thursday while attempting to repair his wine press… Today’s News: Does Social Media Help Me […] The post Afternoon Brief, August 23 appeared first on Wine Industry Advisor. ...

Kinky Cocktails Unveils New Seasonal Fall Flavor Kinky Vixen – Your New Autumn Favorite

August 23, 2017 – Prestige Beverage Group is pleased to announce the unveiling of their vibrant, new KINKY® Cocktails seasonal flavor, KINKY® VIXEN!  Stemming from the success of their original seasonal offering, KINKY Summer, KINKY Cocktails is adding a new flirty and fabulous flavor to the line-up. A charming blend of cranberry, green apple, and ginger, KINKY VIXEN is […] The post Kinky Cocktails Unveils New Seasonal Fall Flavor Kinky Vixen – Your New...

New Winemakers Expand the Legacy of the Carlton Winemakers Studio

Harvest 2017 prepares to usher in the next generation of great wines from the Pacific Northwest Carlton, OR (August 23, 2017) — Over the past fifteen vintages, The Carlton Winemakers Studio in Carlton, Oregon, has been the winery of choice for an array of pioneering winemakers and new talent. The highly collaborative facility will continue […] The post New Winemakers Expand the Legacy of the Carlton Winemakers Studio appeared first on Wine Industry Advisor. ...

Sonoma County Wine Auction Reveals Enticing 2017 Auction Lots

Unparalleled Behind-the-Scenes Access to The Kentucky Derby, Hamilton, Hello Dolly! with Bette Midler, the ESPYs, And Sonoma’s Most Elusive Wines Are Available to Bidders at the 2017 Sonoma County Wine Auction Sonoma County’s largest charitable giving event, chaired by Barbara R. Banke of Jackson Family Wines, takes place September 15 – 16, 2017 SANTA ROSA, Calif. (August 23, […] The post Sonoma County Wine Auction Reveals Enticing 2017 Auction Lots appeared first on Wine In...

Acumen Estate Vineyard Receives Organic Farming Certification

Napa, California (Aug. 23, 2017) – Acumen Wines, an Atlas Peak vineyard specializing in high-end Cabernet Sauvignon, has announced that its estate vineyard has been certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Acumen’s Edcora Vineyard, which lies at the edge of the Napa Valley’s Vaca mountain range on Atlas Peak, has been farmed organically […] The post Acumen Estate Vineyard Receives Organic Farming Certification appeared first on Wine Industry Advisor. ...

Women for WineSense Napa Sonoma Elects New Marketing Director, Lisa N. Brown

NAPA, CALIFORNIA | August 23, 2017:  Women for WineSense Napa Sonoma chapter welcomes Lisa N. Brown, Brand Manager for Import and California portfolios at Boisset Collection, as the new Marketing and Communications Director. She will oversee all digital marketing, engagement and media relations. “We are excited to welcome Lisa as she brings fresh perspectives and a wealth of knowledge around marketing and communications,” explains Sandr...

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Estates: A family enterprise dating back to 1891, is now producing 100% Organic Sparkling Wines that must be the best kept secret in the Veneto, until now!

'La Jara' in local dialect is the name for 'gravel', the calcareous white stones that are the predominant influence in the La Jara vineyards. Deposited by the Piave River over centuries, these white stones accumulate heat during the day and slowly release it during the night, enhancing the freshness and aromatics of these unique wines.

Estates: An Estate with extraordinary heritage and pedigree. The Hardegg family's winemaking lineage dates back to the 1600's.

The castle and estate belonging to the Hardegg family are located 75 kilometres north of Vienna, along the border with the Czech Republic. The earliest document about the castle dates back to 1188, when the founder of the Hardegg Castle, built it on the banks of the River Thaya. He then took on the name and title of Count Hardegg.

Estates: Heathcote II is the most exciting new discovery in the Heathcote Region

During the gold rushes of the 1850's, Heathcote was an important gold field town and some of the miners who settled in the area after the gold ran out brought their wine and grape growing expertise with them. It is noted for its Shiraz.

Estates: Herve and Claudine Bizuel have resurrected the fortunes of a neglected 'gem'¯ in Roussillon: Domaine de la Chique and its Old Vine Syrah, Grenache & Carignan

The renaissance of Roussillon, or perhaps simply its 'discovery' in contemporary times is a very exciting phenomenon. It is a quite unique 'terroir', distinct from its neighbour Langedoc or its 'soul brother' the Rhone.

Estates: A magical vineyard location amongst the mountains. Pristine and unpopulated.

Ichanka translates as "Water of the Condor" ("I" = water). The little hamlet of Ichanka, located on the Estate, was an important source of spring water to the indigenous Indians. This secret water source was discovered courtesy of the Condors that would be seen hovering over the spring. In part this was the inspiration to plant vines here in the early 90s.

Estates: Isabel Estate - 100% Family Owned 100% Estate Grown & Bottled 100% Unique

Isabel Estate is a very special place. Quite unique in the broader context of the Marlborough regions. The Tiller family were pioneers of the area, seeing the potential long before those that have followed. Mike Tiller, as an Air New Zealand pilot, had the distinct advantage of having an almost daily aerial view of the beautiful Wairau Valley in Marlborough, and hence the opportunity to identify the optimum sites for vineyard development.

Estates: Monte Vicor is an exciting New Project from a family with a history of winemaking dating back to 1867. The heart of the project is low yielding Garnacha vineyards.

Monte Vicor is named after the Vicor Mountains that dominate the landscape and are home to much of the vineyards owned by to the fifth generation Langa vignerons, Juan and Cesar Langa Gonzalez, Owners of Bodega Langa Hermanos.

Estates: Alexandre Sirech has produced some truly breakthrough wines that capture the magic of Bordeaux with a wonderful twist

The 'S' on the Sirech label is the initial of the wonderfully engaging winemaker Alexandre. Pronounced as 'See-raish', the name means cherry tree in Occitan, a language that was until the World War II the predominant language of Southern France. Indeed Alexandre's grandparents continued to speak it in their home during their whole life. The language has virtually disappeared. Alexandre is Bordelais and lives with his English wife and their children in the countryside. His Cellars are located in Libourne overlooking the Dordogne River. Having spent many years working overseas (including managing a rum distillery in Havana Cuba!!) he returned to Bordeaux with broader ideas, still with a love of the classic terroir of his Bordeaux homeland. Indeed if anything he has revived traditions of the 18th century, but with impeccable style, the most up to date winemaking practices, and a contemporary twist. Back then it was quite common for Right Bank producers to blend Merlot with Syrah from the hill of Hermitage in the Rhone. Such blends were known as 'cuvees hermitagees'. Alexandre now produces two of these stunning blends: 'Les Deux Terroirs' (The Two Soils), and in much more limited quantities, 'Les Grand Terroirs'¯. Perhaps 'Super Bordeaux' is the more appropriate contemporary term, in keeping with the very familiar terminology of 'Super Tuscan'. 'Les Grand Terroirs' is in fact a collaboration between Alexandre and the renowned St Emilion and Pomerol winemaker/grower, Jean-Philippe Janoueix. The pedigree of the fruit sources is naturally formidable. There are two very special and distinctive white wines in the Sirech stable. 'Les Deux Terroir'¯ White is a blend of Sauvignon, Gros Manseng and Colombard. 'Grand Soleil' (the big and beautiful sun!!) is a medium sweet white wine made entirely from Gros Manseng from a hillside vineyard in Gascony. Perhaps the greatest 'breakthrough' is the inaugural release of 'Le Bordeaux'. It is what it says it is, but arguably the most accessible, most delicious tasting, most beautifully presented and great value Bordeaux. Lush on the palate with wonderful texture, a wine that requires no knowledge of Bordeaux, just a love of beautiful wine at a great price. The fruit for 'Le Bordeaux' comes from a beautiful 100 hectare Estate on the Right Bank located between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. Classic Bordelais Terroir, but with both plateau and south-facing slopes. Welcome to the 'new world' of Bordeaux.

Estates: With 5 hillside vineyards, this Estate is destined to be a treasure trove of great 'Rhone' varietal wines.

The history of Rutherglen Estates can be traced back to the late 1800s when the Burgoyne Brothers, who later changed their name to 'The Rutherglen Estates', purchased Mt Ophir winery and vineyard operations. Although ownership has changed and the plantings renewed, Rutherglen Estates winery and vineyards essentially re-establish these original holdings.

Estates: Altivo is an exciting new project from an Estate with heritage dating back to the 1890s.

Altivo is an exciting new project from an Estate with heritage dating back to the 1890s. The vineyard is planted on land purchased by the pioneering Eugenio Bustos.

Reviews: Old Faithful, Blackbilly Wines, Fireblock, Heathcote